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We provide Website Intervention for Wordpress and Prestashop Website

Intervention mean: Any Modification of the content on the Website, even if there is 1 text to change it's included as Intervention as we have to intervene to fix the issue.

The Intervention will be done as from 48 hours during office hours once payment has been done.

Intervention Packages:

Basic Intervention

 Adding of Picture(s) for 1 Page

 Text Modification for 1 Page

Price: Rs 500

Standard Intervention

Adding of Picture(s) for 3 Pages
Text Modification for 3 Pages
Grammar Correction

Price: Rs 800

Advance Intervention

Adding of Picture(s) for 5 Pages
Text Modification for 5 Pages
Grammar Correction
Image Optimisation

Price: Rs 1200

Frais de port
Heure de livraison 48 Hours

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